‘The web is under threat. Join us and fight for it.’

Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote a call to action to save the internet.

I wholeheartedly agree with Berners-Lee that the internet needs saving. The utopian foundation upon which the internet was once build, has now been abused and twisted to the point where I often wonder whether the internet as is, is actually still a force for good in the world.

It’s perhaps insane to think that it might not be, since the internet has all the information in the world, accessible by almost anybody. It empowers so many people to do so many awesome things. But as a whole, the internet has been made into extremely sophisticated spying tools for governments, late-stage-capitalist monetisation via addictive surveillance capitalism by the biggest companies in the world, and digital weapons by state- and other agents.

I often wonder what amount of time people spend on the internet out of free will to find information out of curiosity, to participate in a discussion, or to actually build something. And what amount of time is actually spent involuntarily, by scrolling through social media feeds to satisfy dopamine cravings, deliberately and skilfully designed by the creators of these platforms? A million tiny addictive dopamine releases that get in the way of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that provides contentment instead of pleasure. A lack of serotonin and the over stimulation of dopamine releases can be a factor in developing depression.

When I ask people why they won’t just remove their Facebook profile, their reaction is more in line with someone that has Stockholm syndrome, than a person explaining why Facebook is so awesome and how using it makes them happy.

‘The web is under threat. Join us and fight for it’